Get more form what you read…

Jesus, Nelson Mandella, Marlin Monroe, Elvis, Teddy Rosevelt, and Tony Robbins are coming over your house this weekend!!!

Gandhi isnt sure if he can make it…

Why do we go to seminars… when the information can be found in a book?  Why would someone take a trip to hawaii when they could jut watch a video of hawaii and see the whole state in an hour from the comfort of their home?  Why do we spend outrageous amounts of money to see a concert when we could just buy the cd or watch the artist on youtube.

The answer is experience.. human experiences…interaction with one another does something magical to us… it lights up our entire beings creating the magic we remember for a lifetime

What does this have to do with reading???

Simple… emotional reaction and human connection magnify memory… 

I love reading and learning form books and if the author is great.. i usually make it a point to meet him/her or see them in person at least…   but the fact is I can t see them all and many of them have long passed away   

Imagine having an autobiography from your favorite actor, or singer and reading a story in which they impart to you a powerful life lesson.  you may remember may not.  But I tell you this.. If that same person was in your living room sitting with you on the couch telling you the same story you would be 100% tuned in and you would remember it for the rest of your life.

Proximity is power… and the closer you can get to the people and information that inspires you… them more impact it will have on your life.  However, I doubt you favorite authors are all going to come to your house this weekend and hang out so you can learn form them… but you can connect your mind with theirs through media and the power of your imagination

So here’s how i do it… (I learned this in part from Napoleon Hill’ s Think and Grow Rich)

I read a bit about the author… usually just the back page of the book has a good amount of information to suffice -about where the person lives and their family, how they grew up and where they’re from.  More info can always be found online.  Get a clear mental picture of who this person is, and questions you might ask this person Before you read the book.  Look at their face.. look in their eyes… just as if you were seeing them in person and connect with them.   It may sound silly.. but believe they can feel it and are creating distinctions about who you are as well.  Then as you read… don’t read passively.. underlining and highlighting is great.. But I’m always asking questions as i read.  Witting them down in the margins… Often the questions are answered later in the book ..or in another book..and this makes me feel like i’m engaged in a dialog with this person…  like they are my personal mentor for the evening. This creates a mental bond that guides me as I go throughout my day and experience similar challenges… I apply Their lessons learned to real life experiences ( this is where real learning happens best).. this application of principals creates deeper learning. 

Have a personal relationship with those who inspire you through the medium of print, audio, and video.. you can connect your mind with some of the greatest minds that have ever lived… so treat you learning time as such… sacred time… to have the TV on while your mentor is telling you his/her life story would be rude.  Treat it as time to connect your mind and learn life lessons from someone who’s story can beneift you powerfully… this is the time in which you will get those little distictions that will make the big difference

 ——–Take aways——–

-Know the author as you would know your best friend- Be Curious Attentive- Respectful – connected 

– Pause at moments to reflect and Ask Questions of the text

– Learning time is Sacred Time and should be treated as such

The time you spend here and the lessons learned will move your Life Forward.  Be Exited about this